Exploring Amsterdam: The Rijksmuseum

November 2, 2016 in Amsterdam / City tripping / Cultural happenings / Lonely Planets ultimate travelist / Netherlands

And oh my days, did I have high expectations.

I must be fair: when it comes to museums I’m nothing more than a spoiled brat. My parents sort of being culture addicts, I spent most of my childhood summer vacations sauntering through Italian museums, Greek ruins or French hamlets. I did learn from this, because for quite some years my only dream in life was to study history and share my knowledge to high school students. I still sometimes wonder where that would have got me now and what would it have taught me in the end. 

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Titanic Belfast: The most alive the Titanic will ever be

October 26, 2016 in Belfast / Cultural happenings / Lonely Planets ultimate travelist / Northern Ireland / United Kingdom

The Titanic experience is a definitely must see!” the lad at the passport controls told us while we entered Northern Ireland. Well, that was promising, as we had already ordered our tickets online. The Titanic experience seems to be the wee countries greatest pride, it also being the first Northern Irish tourist attraction to achieve a travelers choice award on TripAdvisor

I must be fair: not only had I never heard of this museum before booking my trip to Belfast (my knowledge on Northern Ireland is really poor, I know), neither had I ever imagined that their whole tourist sector would be revolving around it. And successfully. The museum was picked as the best leading tourist attraction of 2016 at the World Travel Awards, having beat nominees Buckingham Palace (London), Guinness Storehouse (Dublin, winner of 2015), La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona), The Eiffel Tower (Paris), The Roman Collosseum (Rome), Ribeira do Porto (Porto) and the Acropolis (Athens). 

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Looking for the Belfast Child

October 24, 2016 in Belfast / City tripping / Ireland / Northern Ireland / United Kingdom

Belfast is like an ugly child: you love it the most.  Steven Rae

Last August, my parents had reached the magical number 25 in their years of marriage, and my sister and I decided that it might be nice to surprise them with a little family trip, just the four of us. We had already informed our parents back in August about this trip, ensuring that they wouldn’t plan anything and so that my mum could take a day off of work. 

My sister and I had already been looking at different agencies offering surprise trips (where you book but don’t know until the very last minute where you will actually go) but we decided against it since it’s fairly expensive. Instead of this, we booked a trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland, ourselves and just decided to not reveal the final destination until the morning of the trip. And I must admit, it has been the best kept secret, my parents had no clue, nor any idea, of where we would go until Thursday morning, 6am. 

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