Longing for Paris

April 26, 2017 in France / Paris

Time has come, I’m looking for a graduation internship. As most of my classmates decide to just go with the flow and accept an offer close to home, I decided to be tough on myself and look a little further. Even though I am supposed to start in either August or September 2017, I’d like to have everything settled by the end of the month, as settled means that I can enjoy a well deserved summer vacation. 

So it all started out with looking for an internship in an english-speaking country, as this would be the easiest way out. I tried Ireland, but unfortunately internships are not that common in the Emerald Island, as I hoped. I would have to agree on an unpaid internship for 40 hours a week, and as renting is fairly expensive (especially in Dublin) I soon found out that I had to lower my standards immensely, and that was something I wasn’t planning on doing yet. 

Second option was Canada. I have some acquaintances living in Canada and I really believe that Dutch and Canadians share quite some ideals. To be honest I don’t even know why I stopped looking for a Canadian placement. I figured that I might have been a little too early, as most internships would be for just the summer. I guess that was it? I couldn’t find anything that would fit my needs. 

(the picture is not even Paris but taken in Palma de Mallorca)

In someway, Paris has ever since my first experience been that itching spot on my shoulder that I just cannot reach. I felt almost like a fool for applying to French applications, and neither my boyfriend or parents saw this coming. Internships in France have just so many advantages and possibilities. Not only do they always provide you a decent salary, French companies take their interns very serious, too. I now applied to a few applications and I’m hoping for the best. 

Wouldn’t it be cool to announce in a few weeks that I’ll be going back to Paris? Wish me luck!

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